Shipping Container Homes for Sale

Modified Shipping Containers for Sale

Great for your dream tiny home, guest house, hunting or fishing getaway, backyard Airbnb, workshop, studio, or home office.

Length: 20ft
Width: 8ft
Height: 9′ 6″

Starting Price: $35,000+ (Call for current pricing. Cost is subject to change based on materials and supply chain)

Ready 30 days after you order. We deliver all our own containers!

With approximately 160sq. ft. of space, there’s plenty of space for your equipment, tools, or art or office setup.

More affordable and much sturdier than your run of the mill trailer or mobile home.

Small size fits into almost any available size yard, or property.

From bare-bones basic to a complete home setup with a shower, sink, and full-size toilet.

We have the ability to customize your container to your exact specifications!

We Invite you to call Richard at (828) 230-1165, if you want to schedule an appointment to see model container home.


Click image to enlarge.

Made from durable high-quality materials:

  • Heavy duty steel construction.
  • High security exterior cargo doors.
  • French doors with premium keypad lock.
  • Double-pane windows and doors.
  • Closed cell spray foam insulation on sides, top and bottom.
  • 8 gal hot water heater.
  • Meets national and state-building, electrical and mechanical codes.
  • Split heating and air system to keep you cool during the hot summer months and warm and toasty in the cold.
  • Can hold up to 50,000 lbs.
  • Completely portable – can be transported on a standard rollback tow truck. Delivery by builder is also available.


Why are you selling customized steel containers if you are a log home contractor?

Frankly, we saw a need. For years, we have been asked if one of our log homes could be built in a smaller size as a “tiny” home.

After looking at the problem, we quickly saw that a “tiny” home in most people’s minds was a living structure that could be moved by truck from one location to another if needed. The smallest Natural Timber log home we offer is over 1000 sq. ft.

And because all of our log homes use full-size logs in the walls – a foot or more thick – it would be very impractical for us to build a log home small enough to be trucked on a flatbed and still have any reasonable living space “inside”.

So we thought about shipping containers!

We have used several customized containers over the years as mobile office, tool and equipment storage and camp kitchen at our log home construction sites.

Why not offer the same to public?

And as you can see in the images below, we can build out a very nice looking container, don’t you think?

Why are these containers so expensive?

We could sell your a cheaper container with the beginnings of a home but then you would to  “do it ALL yourself”.

Why waste your time trying to finish it to meet the electrical, heating, plumbing and building codes when you don’t have to?

Especially if you are using it for your public workspace or as part of an Airbnb business.

We insulate, have heating and air installed, get it wired and plumbed by licensed professionals so it meets ALL the building codes.

This means you never have to worry about shock hazards, screwy water or sewage issues or you (or your guests) freezing like a popsicle in the cold or sizzling like a hot dog in the summer.