About Us

We do things a bit differently here on this website…

It’s really all about YOU.

We take the time to listen to your wants and needs as a first time log home builder or buyer.

We want to teach you about log homes… How they are built, what to expect, etc. Unlike the average log home company.

This website is basically a risk-free, no charge learning center.

And unlike our for-profit website: NaturalTimberLogHomes.com (named after our parent company) we aren’t going to try and persuade you to buy anything.**

The only thing we’re peddling here are real facts and helpful information.

Basically “news you can use”.

You’ll not only hear the good, but also the bad, and even the ugly. That’s what we do here.

This entire site is based around the simple principle that we feel that we can help potential log home owners the most by providing them all the information they need to know about log home building (even the bad stuff) in order to make “smarter” decisions.

** Okay, since we put up this website, we have started selling customized shipping containers for use as tiny homes, mobile offices, backyard rentals, home offices and studios. So we kind of do “sell” something on this site.